​​​​​​Legal Aid of NorthWest Texas DOES NOT accept unsolicited applications via e-mail or fax.


Steps to Apply

All applicants should follow these steps to apply



Please decide whether it makes sense for you to apply by reading our eligibility guidelines.
These guidelines ​may help you to decide if you qualify for free legal help.


If you aren't sure whether you qualify, you can still apply.



Check the service area map and find out how and when your local LANWT office takes applications (intake).

Urgent Matters

Check to see if you qualify for an "Urgent Matter" intake. If your situation meets certain conditions, you might be able to apply right away.
Application form​
Print a copy and fill it out before you come to the office or before you call us. It helps to speed up the application process and ensures you'll have all the needed information with you.

Before Applying

We want you to get the most out of your Legal Aid experience. This simple list provides tips for doing just that.

Contact Us

Please follow the instructions listed on the office page for your location. 



                               You can apply in 1 of 3 ways:


                               1. Apply directly through the branch office that serves your area.you must schedule an appointment first


                                                   * You may contact the local branch office to schedule an in person or telephone appointment.
                                                   * In certain situations; arrangements can be made for our staff to come to your home. 
                                                   * You can attend a free legal clinic (the office may refer you to a clinic if app​ropriate); or


                               2. You can apply over the telephone via our centralized intake telephone line.


Also called the Legal Aid Line


                               3. Or you can apply online right now, by clicking here​.