We want to help you get the most out the services we provide.
Seven tips to enhance your Legal Aid ex​perience.​

1. Call when you won't be distracted. Make sur​​e that your TV is turned off and your children are safely somewhere else so you can focus.

2. Allow enough time. Expect the initial process to take some time. Depending on how urgent your legal matter is, you may need to spend a significant amount of time with the attorney.

3. Have your documents in front of you. The attorney cannot give you sound advice without complete, accurate information.

4. Have a pen and paper handy when you call. The attorney may give you advice or instructions over the telephone.

5. Don't hesitate to ask questions or repeat instructions back to the attorney to make sure you understand the advice given to you.

6. Follow instructions. The attorney may explain how to do something. If you don't follow the attorney’s instructions, you may not get the outcome you desire.

7. You may not get the results you want. Sometimes, your Legal Aid attorney will tell you that there is no legal remedy to your problem or that your case is too weak to proceed. Please be understanding and respectful.​