​​Self Help

Legal Aid of NorthWest Texas (LANWT) receives thousands of applications for services every year.  Due to our limited resources, we are unable to assist everyone who applies for legal assistance.  If LANWT is unable to assist you in your legal matter you may have to proceed as a self-representing litigant.  (This is also known as proceeding pro se or for oneself.)  On this page you will find some resources to assist you if LANWT is unable to represent you.
The Legal System:  Helping Yourself​” - This video​, produced with a grant from the Texas Acc​ess to Justice Foundation, is a good first step to navigating the legal system.  The rules for self-representing litigants vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, so you may want to contact the court to determine if there are special rules or regulations you need to follow.​​